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虽然上一起工作Burn Bryte,我的同胞的设计师,我会谈谈我们如何希望玩家与游戏互动。澳门金宝博平台我们有一个明显的,但常常被忽视的设计理念:奖励玩家玩游戏的一种特澳门金宝博平台殊的方式,而不是强迫他们进去。如果你一直在关注世界生成器的博客,你约奥门188金宝搏Burn Bryte, a new science fantasy RPG I created with吉姆·麦克卢尔,Kat Kuhl达西·罗斯关于独占使用Roll20平台。游戏的核心机制188bet app下载 revolve around the idea of designers enticing players to engage with the RPG how you want, instead of forcing the players to play the game a certain way through restrictive rules. I’ll be referring to those posts as examples in this article.


首先我要说,我不是在谈论有no restrictions在一场比赛中。大多数游戏需要的参数,并且这些限制进来的描述了人物的限制是什么规则的形式。通常情况下,限制你不应该限制howa character uses their abilities, but rather places a limitation on the power of those abilities. In fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons, a barbarian has a certain number of rages per day, but the rules do not state specific rage-only circumstances for the barbarian. The barbarian can rage in combat, while locked in manacles to get advantage on a Strength check to break free, or while running down a trapped hall to resist damage. The restricted number of rages the barbarian has creates an interesting tension as the player must decide when to use a rage. Many players save these rages for combat encounters, where the feature has the most benefits, thus barbarians are rewarded for using their rage during combat instead of forced to use it only during combat by having a rule that states rages can only be used in combat encounters. It feels good to have a smart choice rewarded instead of being forced into only being able to rage in combat. It’s a subtle but important difference. You can see in this example how restriction and reward work together to create fun in the game.


一般来说,较少的限制,你可以把你的游戏,就更好了。与大多数角色扮演游戏的期望是,字符可以尝试任何操作自己的球员等。澳门金宝博平台太多的限制手段玩家人物开始感到锁定在播放特定的模式,而澳门金宝博平台游戏感觉更像是一个电视游戏(其中必须有,因为技术限制),而不是桌面游戏。例如,有些人不喜欢玩第四版龙与地下城因为你有与只能被用作攻击梦幻般的权力玩家角色。澳门金宝博平台从该版本以剑法师类。它可以瞬移各地战场,但战斗之外,意念移物是很少的选项。如果不是谁在战斗中的行为像夜行的人也像他外面的战斗?它打破了浸泡很多玩家又觉得过于严格。澳门金宝博平台更好的解决方案是奖励玩家玩要玩的游戏和地点的限制对他们的特点,而不澳门金宝博平台是他们如何使用它们。For instance, if sword mages could only teleport a certain number of times per day and got a bonus to attack or damage rolls on the same turn they teleport instead of being restricted to only teleporting in combat, you’d likely see many people choosing to save their teleportation uses for combat. Payers would have more freedom and could choose to teleport outside of combat, but the optimal thing to do is wait to use that feature until combat. There’s a big difference between being rewarded for playing a game a certain way and being forced into it.


Burn Bryte是一门科学幻想游戏,在心爱的科学幻想小说的传统(和过度的顶级角色扮演游戏的时刻),我们希望鼓励人物冒大风险,试图计划太疯狂了足够的工作,并有令人难以置信的成功和壮观故障。您可以阅读更多关于我们如何做,在我的帖子关于the game’s core mechanics, but I want to specifically address Nova points. Nova points are a resource characters spend to activate their most powerful abilities and are gained when by a player character when they use one skill of each die size (succeed or not). They came about when we asked the question, “How do we prevent player characters from simply using their best skills over and over again?” Jim presented this idea as a way to reward characters for using their less-optimized skills. In playtesting it has worked like a dream.


Many games, like D&D, increase character power through combat and gathering of treasure. In D&D’s rules as written you gain experience by killing monsters, and your stuff gets better when you loot their corpses. There are certainly other ways to play the game, but there’s a reason murder hobos exist. (There’s nothing wrong with wanting to kill dragons and take their treasure. That’s good fun!) If you want your game to play differently, you need to change the way player characters advance. When we were designingBurn Bryte,Kat Kuhl达西·罗斯推说有非暴力性格发展的系统。这并不是说没有战斗在许多Burn Bryte游戏,但并不需要是为了让你的角色变得更强。他们投的想法188bet app下载 ,这需要你的性格通过一系列事件可能与打击,调查,社会交往等许多包含在核心规则四十路径有非暴力进展选项。这并不意味着他们不能沿着这些路径的战斗,但谁选择的路径字符奖励他们采取的或者除了战斗以外的行动。搭售性格发展到故事也改变了比赛的动力玩家。我至少一部分功率玩家和喜欢我的角色的进步。Burn Bryterewards me for engaging with the story, appealing to the power gamer in me AND the storyteller. Our idea is to encourage the power gamers, storytellers, explorers, slayers, and all other kinds of gamers to sit down together and have a great time playingBurn Bryte并与故事引人入胜。故事路径奖励。

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